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No More Scary Interviews!

Add your interviews link to your advert or share it on-line. Candidates will respond using a webcam or mobile device.  Easily rate and review the responses with your team saving time and money with improved results every time.

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- Quick create with integrated questions database

- Share by Email, Link, Embed Code, QR Code

- Integrated communications and feedback system

- Easily share and rate candidates with colleagues

- Fast one click candidate accept or reject

- Integrated ranking system

- Available on Web, iPhone, iPad & Android


Save Time & Reduce Costs

No more searching through endless piles of CV's and job resumes. Just watch and rate the candidates first time round, just like watching your favorite movie. Our Video Interviewing Software helps you save on travel costs and employee time while viewing the candidates in a real situation interview.

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Complete the above form and we'll send you a website link that will take candidates directly to your video interview. You can email candidates the link or add it directly to your website or job advert. We'll notify you each time a candidate completes the interview. You can review, rate and share the responses with colleagues either online or using your favorite mobile device and remember its all 100% free!

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Interview Online

Hiring Company?

The Camooze Video Interview Software can bring your selection process bang up to date, revolutionise your HR practices and help you to find the best candidate at a fraction of the cost.


Candidates can take your interview wherever and whenever they like, using a webcam or mobile device. This means no more travel costs and no more days of endless organising.

Recruitment Agency

Job Agency?

Camooze was designed with Recruitment Agencies in mind. Using the latest technology you can stand out from the competition with a solution that clients just love.


Integrate your own branding and use the client area to share video interviews and candidates with your customers. Joint editing with video introductions help you find the right candidates. Clients can then rate responses on their favorite mobile device and provide you with the real time feedback you need.


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